Walking Dead Episode 1 Finished!

The Walking Dead game is my first adventure game that I have beaten fully from the developer Telltale game. The reason I don’t finish most adventure games is that they get really repetitive throughout it’s short episodes. You’re walking around and talking with everyone while trying to click everywhere that looks intractable. The Walking Dead is similar to this concept but they also throw in some actions sequences to keep you interested. Even some puzzles made sense compare to other Telltale games. It felt like the puzzles were part of the story instead of just some random puzzle the game throws at you. Even though I love the changes that Telltale has made for this game, it is still not perfect.

A lot of things about this game kept me interested to keep playing. The voice acting for one is pretty close to perfect. The characters are all very thought out and they all feel like characters that could exist in the Walking Dead universe. Sure some of them are cliche of any zombie movies/games but I mean it makes sense to have them here. The main character, Lee, is a great addition since you’re playing someone entirely new. He’s somewhat like Samuel L. Jackson and he talks like him too. The way Telltale built up his character throughout this first episodic was pretty nice. You get to learn about his family and the stuff he did to get him to where he was at the start of the game.

The episodic nature also works for this game. I beat it in about 2 hours and I felt that it went by at a really nice pace. It didn’t feel like I was being rushed or the game was just bogging. 2 hours was enough for me to learn everything about the characters in the game. It is something that even the show doesn’t do well.

The gameplay was also a nice departure from the usual Telltale games. There are some quick time events not unlike Jurrasic Park but it makes more sense when it happens here than in that game. There are also some parts where all you had to do was move the reticle and press a button to do an action but I felt more impact given the circumstances. It adds some flavor to the usual walking around talking part of Telltale games. Telltale needs to add these features to it’s other adventure games to keep me interested in finishing an episode.

The game also have branching decisions which will supposedly change the story through the 5 episodes. There will be new characters and certain characters will die depending on your choices but some of the major story beats in the game will stay the same. Think of it like a diamond shape where you pick certain things and it branches out but eventually the characters will all end up at the same ending. It makes sense in a developer’s point as if they didn’t do it then they may have to create assets and stories that only 1 out of 10 people will see. It was also a nice touch that the trailer for the next episode reflects the choices that you made in the current episode.

The Walking Dead kept me interested throughout the whole episode and I believe it could keep me interested for all five episodes. As I said it isn’t perfect though. They are some parts of the story that didn’t make sense of why he was doing it. For one thing, the main character mentions “Walkers” and “Zombies” a couple of times which I don’t think those words exists in that universe. There are also some points in the story that I felt like a glitch might have happened because I had no idea what to do. It is a problem with all Telltale games since you just have to click everywhere to get everything. Sometimes I don’t see where I have to click and it makes me think that the game glitched up. Anyways aside from that this game is very worth playing for anyone interested in a good zombie game. They don’t even have to be interested in the Walking Dead universe. Though it does add nice touches when you already know who certain characters are.

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